- providing high speed internet for Southeast Missouri.

Wireless Internet

Broadband wireless is a service that offers a faster Internet connection than a standard dial-up connection. It is also used to connect and extend your local area network from building to building without the use of expensive cabling or trenching services. Wireless technology uses microwave radio transmissions to deliver high-speed data services to businesses and homes and is not as limited to the minimum distances that are required for DSL and other technologies.

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The equipment needed for Wireless Internet is very expensive, but will be provided with a 2-year commitment to service.


We offer bandwidth pricing for 256kbit, 512kbit, and 1024kbit service. Additional bandwidth is available upon request--please call for a quote.

Business Pricing

Residential Pricing
Install Fee Montly Cost (256k) Term (in Months)
$49.00 $39.95 24
$249.00 $23.95 24

Additional bandwidth can be purchased at the following prices -

Extra Bandwidth Cost/month
For 512k total $10
For 1024k total $20

Business Pricing

Optional Equipment